What is a Fractal? The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Fractals

Cyberneticist Ron Eglash has suggested that fractal geometry and mathematics are prevalent in African art, games, divination, trade, and architecture. Circular houses appear in circles of circles, rectangular houses in rectangles of rectangles, and so on. Such scaling patterns can also be found in African textiles, sculpture, and even cornrow hairstyles. Hokky Situngkir also suggested the similar properties in Indonesian traditional art, batik, and ornaments found in traditional houses. Authors disagree on the exact definition of fractal, but most usually elaborate on the basic ideas of self-similarity and the unusual relationship fractals have with the space they are embedded in. In 1975 Mandelbrot solidified hundreds of years of thought and mathematical development in coining the word „fractal” and illustrated his mathematical definition with striking computer-constructed visualizations.


Integration of these cognitive systems into a fractal network, will help to achieve emergency and adaptability of the system, enabling new functions. While the cognitive advantages on the Edge will enable new scalable and responsive applications. The following rather standard fractals are low-resolution sample screen captures from the Chaos Demonstrations program by J. You may also want to view an index of these and many other screen captures from the program. Each level offers new possibilities of play, while continually expanding on challenges. This is NOT a „more of the same game” scenario; we spent a lot of time crafting a lush campaign that expands, bends, twists, and creates new elements of gameplay that will completely alter the way you view the game.

The Fractal Advantage

It is a total solution for me, and my life is literally better for it. The Edge is known for his signature sound—a combination of musical elegance, exquisite core tone, and innovative effects—especially echo. For him to trust this illustrious sonic asset to the Axe-Fx expresses that it meets his exacting needs, but also demonstrates that this guitarist is a veritable force at the forefront of both music and technology.

Just like Fractals in nature, the Fractal shapes shown in this image are self-similar and identical regardless of what scale you look at. This is most easily seen with the solid black square and triangles. Like ice formations, other natural forms of crystals like those created from minerals can also exhibit Fractal properties.

Computers significantly improved the ability to explore Fractal equations because of how fast computers can calculate large and complex math equations. Students will gain a greater understanding of biology, forensics, and epidemiology, and artists intrigued by fractal geometry can find new shapes to inform their designs. According to the space agency, the art form — which is called fractals — uses mathematical formulas to create art with an infinite variety of form, detail, color and light.

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Fractal technology allows our antennas to intrinsically deliver higher gain vs. comparable non-fractalized solutions. Higher gain can mean better coverage, fewer antennas, and stronger signals. Our technology allows us to create antennas that are inherently wide/multiband.

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Fractals often appear in the realm of living organisms where they arise through branching processes and other complex pattern formation. Ian Wong and co-workers have shown that migrating cells can form fractals by clustering and branching. Nerve cells function through processes at the cell surface, with phenomena that are enhanced by largely increasing the surface to volume ratio. As a consequence nerve cells often are found to form into fractal patterns. These processes are crucial in cell physiology and different pathologies. While Fractals surround us in so many different ways, there are physical limitations as to how deep we can go in examining the fractals seen in the physical world.

The Symphony-SP represents a material improvement to existing solutions, delivering wideband coverage in a highly reduced size and weight. The Symphony-SP provides broadband MIMO coverage from 617MHz to 6GHz, with coverage of all key licensed and unlicensed bands – including GSM, LTE, 5G, CBRS, WiFi, C-Band, and LAA. The Symphony-SP weighs in at less than 10 lbs and wields a footprint of less than 13”x13”… Because the crumpled paper ball is not completely solid, it has a fractional dimension value, likely somewhere around 2.5 . Another great example would be human lungs, where the lungs are not perfectly smooth, they are rough and have many small cavities designed to capture oxygen.

Eventually the information will be broken down into the smallest possible modular component possible about the subject. Approaching information and organization of content using What is Fractal theory is called the Hanby Iternal Information Theory. Irregularity locally and globally that cannot easily be described in the language of traditional Euclidean geometry other than as the limit of a recursively defined sequence of stages. For images of fractal patterns, this has been expressed by phrases such as „smoothly piling up surfaces” and „swirls upon swirls”;see Common techniques for generating fractals.

If you’ve ever watched a lightning storm, you’re getting a front row show to one of nature’s most powerful displays of Fractals. When electricity passes through a medium that does not conduct electricity well the pattern that is created becomes Fractal. The reason this phenomenon forms is because of how the electricity interacts with the air. Superheating of the air changes its electrical conductivity and allows the current to fragment out. This process repeats for each level of fragmentation and soon you get a Fractal. You’ll notice that if you invert an image of a lightning strike or electrical discharge, you’ll see great resemblance to a tree.

  • According to Fractal CEO Nathan Cohen, “We have outgrown our existing manufacturing facilities due to strong customer demand for public safety and telecom antennas.
  • These processes are crucial in cell physiology and different pathologies.
  • Fractals are displayed in computer programs by coloring the affected pixels.
  • Another way to think about modeling coastline geometry would be to think about the challenge of creating the outline if you are forced to use a set of cubes.

Fractal geometry has been important in many fields, including astronomy, physical chemistry, and fluid mechanics. And even some artists are benefiting, creating beautiful and interesting abstract designs by means of fractals. A self-similar object is one whose component parts resemble the whole. In effect, a self-similar object remains invariant under changes of scale—i.e., it has scaling symmetry.

There is no way a trader could enter a trade at the arrow because the arrow only occurs if the next two bars create the pattern. A bearish fractal occurs when there is a high point with two lower high bars/candles on each side of it. A bullish fractal occurs when there is a low point with two higher low bars/candles on each side of it. Gordon Scott has been an active investor and technical analyst of securities, futures, forex, and penny stocks for 20+ years.

For more details on the Hanby Iternal Information Theory, the IdeaFORGE, and IdeaBlocks, please contact us about the IdeaFORGE Certification Program. Hanby created the IdeaFORGE® technology as a way to optimize and simplify the use and application of the Hanby Iternal Information Theory. As the use of computers to explore Fractals increased, a new discovery was made in the form of what is called Zoom Symmetry. Zoom Symmetry means that a shape is identical or nearly identical regardless of how zoomed in the observer is. This means that if you are looking at the entire shape, you will see almost the exact same thing even if you were to zoom in to look at a very small portion of the whole. Another way to think about modeling coastline geometry would be to think about the challenge of creating the outline if you are forced to use a set of cubes.

The Hilbert curve map is not a homeomorphism, so it does not preserve topological dimension. The topological dimension and Hausdorff dimension of the image of the Hilbert map in R2 are both 2. Note, however, that the topological dimension of the graph of the Hilbert map is 1. C. Escher, such as Circle Limit III, contain shapes repeated to infinity that become smaller and smaller as they get near to the edges, in a pattern that would always look the same if zoomed in. Decalcomania, a technique used by artists such as Max Ernst, can produce fractal-like patterns. It involves pressing paint between two surfaces and pulling them apart.

Mandelbrot set

This fractal phenomenon can often be detected in such objects as snowflakes and tree barks. All natural fractals of this kind, as well as some mathematical self-similar ones, are stochastic, or random; they thus scale in a statistical sense. Contraction of “fractional dimension.” This is a term used by mathematicians to describe certain geometrical structures whose shape appears to be the same regardless of the level of magnification used to view them. A standard example is a seacoast, which looks roughly the same whether viewed from a satellite or an airplane, on foot, or under a magnifying glass. Many natural shapes approximate fractals, and they are widely used to produce images in television and movies.


Because fractals occur so frequently, and many of the signals aren’t reliable entry points, fractals are typically filtered using some other form of technical analysis. Bill Williams also invented the alligator indicator which isolates trends. By combining fractals with trend analysis, a trader may decide to only trade bullish fractals signals while the price trend is up. If the trend is down they may take only short trades on bearish fractal signals, for example.

https://cryptolisting.org/ algorithms have made it possible to generate lifelike images of complicated, highly irregular natural objects, such as the rugged terrains of mountains and the intricate branch systems of trees. Modeling, based on patterns in nature, to map data in the markets. A moving average is a technical analysis indicator that helps level price action by filtering out the noise from random price fluctuations. The main problem with fractals is that there are so many of them. They occur frequently and trying to trade all of them will rapidly deplete a trading account due to losing trades. Therefore, filter the signals with some other indicator or form of analysis.

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In Hanby Iternal Information Theory a IdeaBlock is A IdeaBlock is any self-contained concept or idea about a topic, i.e. a company, product, service, etc. Depending on the media format a IdeaBlock is typically 2 – 3 sentences in length or 15 seconds of time. Thinking back to our exploration of Fractals in nature above, a great way to understand zoom symmetry is with the example of the tree branches, as you zoom into the tree, the branches retain their loose symmetry. For more information on Fractals in Nature, we recommend you explore Beniot Mandelbrot’s iconic book The Fractal Geometry of Nature, which pioneered these ideas. Much like Lightning, Trees, and Plants, Geography, Rivers, and Terrain also often fall under the Fractal category.

Simulated fractals

Technical analysis of price series for Stocks, Currencies and other commodities. Ferns are essentially made up of the same general structure repeated over and over again. A shape does not have to be exactly identical to be classified as a Fractal. Instead shapes that display inherent and repeating similarities are the main requirement for being classified as a Fractal.


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